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Born in 1978, in Paris.

Lives and works in Lyon

2017 winner of the Banque Populaire Foundation, arts and crafts section


C e r a m i q u e




Title of ceramist: Maison de la Céramique du Pays de Dieulefit, Drôme


Continuing education:


• Turning • Casting • Email • Sculpture • Decor • Cooking • Geology • History of art and aesthetic thought • Architecture • Creation methodology, aesthetic analysis, group work • Design • Calligraphy • Drawing • Photography • Scenography • Management and marketing modules


Professional internships completed respectively at:


• Rizü TAKAHASHI: Japanese ceramics • Marianne CASTELLY: shaping technique with the plate, engobe work • Marion CHARREYRE, Florent LE MEN, Magali WAGNER: turning, Sgraffitto • Patricia VIEILJEUX: shaping with coils and the plate • Isabelle ROUX: surface treatment, plate shaping • Clémentine DUPRE: methodology of creation in applied arts • Marie-Laure LEVITAN: filming, sculpture • Jane NORBURY: surface treatment, plate work • Anne VERDIER: formal analysis, research, sculpture • Armand TATEOSSIAN: large volume sculpture • Blandine MASURE: decor, drawing, graphic design research • Xavier DUROSELLE: enamel research methodology





“Ceramic” training: Contact Material, Lyon 

Annual courses with Marion Charreyre and with Florent Le Men

Module “Geology and chemistry of ceramic materials”, Florent Le Men


“Decor” training: Decor technique in the mold, at Chloé Peyterman, Geneva







Sculpture workshop: Annex of the School of Fine Arts of Lyon:

Multi-piece mold technique, research on shape; with Zoé Benoît (2009-2011)

Various techniques and materials: molding, material research; with Markus Strieder (2008)




Sculpture workshop: Annex of Grenoble School of Fine Arts:

Work on space layout and installations; with Slimane Raïs (2007)

Modeling, woodworking, polystyrene, lead casting, large volumes; with Cyrille André (2004-2006)







Painting workshop: Annex of the Grenoble School of Fine Arts: drawings and painting (oil, acrylic), large formats; with Thierry Cascales




Literary Baccalaureate, visual arts option: History of Art; Architecture / Plastic arts


P r o j e t   cultural


2005-2009: Entr'arts Association: support for artists in the process of becoming professional, Grenoble

Member of the Visual Arts commission: Programming, organization and monitoring of exhibitions, Selection and interviews of exhibited artists

Secretary then President of the Board of Directors: Animation of the associative project, Establishment of partnerships


F  o  r  m  a  t  i  o  n     u  n  i  v  e  r  s  i  t  a  i  r  e


2011: Bachelor's degree in sociology - Toulouse II Le Mirail University

2001: D.E.A history, law, human rights - Pierre Mendès France University, Grenoble II

2000: Master's degree in private law - Pierre Mendès France University, Grenoble II

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